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Feb, 2012
Grantee State: 

SHADAC and the Urban Institute have released a paper on express lane eligibility, entitled, "Louisiana Breaks New Ground: The Nation's First Use of Automatic Enrollment through Express Lane Eligibility."  


 In it, the authors report on the remarkable success of ELE in enrolling children into Medicaid in Louisiana and the administrative savings the policy produced. For example, "According to state officials, the average cost of initial enrollment is approximately $116.48 per application processed using standard, non-ELE procedures. Taking into account the manual intervention required to prevent duplicative enrollment, the average cost of initial enrollment via ELE is between $11.59 and $15.45 per successful ELE application."  They also indicate a substantial return on investment, which is even more so due to the financial support provided by the Maximizing Enrollment program.  


To access the report Click Here.