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Jun, 2011

Preparing New York's Information Technology Infrastructure for Health Reform:

A Gap Analysis


This report by Social Interest Solutions, conducted for NYSHealth, identifies the assets and deficits in New York State’s Information Technology (IT) readiness to implement health reform.

The report finds that New York State has a strong technical architecture contained in its Medicaid claims system and powerful reporting and data analysis capability in its Medicaid Data Warehouse; both of these assets are highly leveraged in the State’s Early Innovator approach. However, the IT inventory and assessment also identifies gaps, including the need to add a suitable front-end system that provides a “first-class customer experience,” limitations in the State’s Welfare Management System, and a need for functionality related to some commercial insurance offerings for individuals and small businesses. New York State will use its Early Innovator award from the Federal government to address these and other systems issues.

Read the entire report, Click Here.