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Sep, 2011
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New Resources on Consumer Engagement Through Health IT

Maximizing the Value of HIT to Improve the Health of Children:
 A Guide for Consumer Engagement

 The Children’s Partnership has released a guide that lays out the ways that children and their parents can be engaged more fully in their health and health care through better access to and use of electronic health information.The guide lays out the four guide posts—to connect, inform, empower, and protect—that are critical to ensuring effective engagement of child and parent consumers through HIT.

 This guide is part of The Children’s Partnership’s ongoing work to improve children’s lives through the effective use of information exchange. It provides examples of the application of HIT to expand access to care; promote coordinated, preventive, and patient-centered care; and simplify the way people enroll into and renew their health coverage.

For more information on the use of HIT to improve children's health and well-being, visit the Website.

This guide was released during National HIT week. We’d like to draw your attention to the new website, launched by the Office of the National Coordinator. The site is designed to promote consumer engagement through HIT and “put the ‘I’ back into health IT”.

To learn more about The Children's Partnership and keep up with related developments, visit the Website. You can also contact us at (202) 429-0033 or at
The Children's Partnership is a national nonprofit organization working to ensure that all children — especially those at risk of being left behind — have the resources and the opportunities they need to grow up healthy and lead productive lives.