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Feb, 2013
Issue Brief

Enroll America and Benefits Data Trust recently published a short policy brief highlighting the importance of telephonic signatures, or "spoken signatures," as a crucial technology solution to ensure a smooth application and enrollment process for those applying for health coverage over the phone. State and federal agencies need to start planning how they will incoporate telephonic signatures into the single, streamlined application process that will be offered by exchanges and Medicaid/CHIP agencies.

This policy brief also hightlights the following: 

  • Background on telephonic signatures, including examples from three states that implemented this technology for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP, formerly known as Food Stamps).
  • Four key questions that state leaders and enrollment stakeholders should explore to ensure that telephonic signatures can be used in time for open enrollment in October 2013.
  • An explanation of why navigators, assisters, and other application counselors should be able to facilitate telephonic signatures. Exchange call centers may not be equipped to spend extensive time on the phone with each consumer who needs help applying, enrolling, and choosing a plan, but navigators and assisters are well positioned to offer this support.

To download the brief click here