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 1 month out from meeting 

  • Create attendee list that includes representatives from state (both Medicaid and CHIP programs) and stakeholder groups
  • Send out a “Save the Date” to invitation list
  • Plan a significant amount of time for this meeting/discussion – at least 2 hours, possibly 3 hours to discuss what was learned through this exercise as well as the goals of the group going forward.

 2 weeks out 

  • Secure a meeting space that will accommodate all those invited
  • Create and send invitation to the meeting that includes the following information (so attendees have time to review all pertinent materials prior to the discussions at the meeting):
    • Meeting Agenda (even if in draft form)
    • Completed Process Maps
    • Responses/Output report that resulted from the Interactive Online Diagnostic Assessment 
    • A summary of responses to the questionnaires that stakeholders completed 
    • Blank Improvement Plan worksheet (to be filled out as a group during the meeting)
  • Give the invitees a homework assignment (within the invitation) to read all materials and come prepared to discuss their goals for improving enrollment and retention of children’s coverage programs.  
  • Secure a conference call phone line to include those that cannot attend the meeting in-person

1 week out 

  • Prepare name badges and tent cards for all attendees
  • Assemble “folder” with all meeting materials 
  • Identify the meeting facilitator and a note-taker


3 days out 

  • Send out reminder email to confirmed attendees that includes: 
    • Finalized Agenda
    • Participant List 
    • Directions to the meeting and/or a call-in number 

On site - Day of meeting

  • Setup conference/meeting room to encourage dialogue
  • Plan an icebreaker to kick off the meeting

Post-meeting follow-up

  • Celebrate a successful meeting!
  • Send thank you letters/emails to participants and include:
    • The completed (even if in draft form) improvement plan worksheet that the group worked on throughout the meeting
    • A note about any follow-up or next steps 
 Click here to download a printer friendly copy of the improvement plan meeting checklist!