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VirginiaMeasuring Success in Virginia’s Kids  
The Measuring Success in Virginia initiative is led by the state Department of Medical Assistance Services (DMAS) within the Office of the Secretary of Health and Human Resources, seeks to further utilize technology and improve data collection and analysis capabilities to increase efficiency within it's public health programs to enroll and keep those eligible for coverage

The initial phase of the Maximizing Enrollment program focused on an assessment of the strengths and opportunities for improvement in each grantee state’s enrollment and retention systems. Alabama’s assessment determined the following:
  • Adopted a "No Wrong Door" approach allowing families to apply for coverage by mail, fax, online, or in person where ever they touch the system
  • Committed leadership, valued partnerships with stakeholders, and a strong sense of mission regarding children's coverage
  • Reduced paperwork requirements during renewals
  • Complexity of program management
  • Limited ability to exchange data between Medicaid and the separate CHIP program hampers program management
  • Large burden on families during eligibility and renewal processes
Goals for Improvement:
  • Develop an analytic agenda and create a data warehouse to consolidate, merge and analyze eligibility and enrollment information
  • Improve retention rates and increase administrative denials
  • Identify and target eligible but uninsured children
  • Establish better communication between DMAS, the central Medicaid and CHIP administering agency, and other state and local agencies i.e. (DSS)[1]
Key Activities:
  • Streamline renewal process by implementing administrative and online renewals
  • Utilize ACS data to identify regions with high percentages of uninsured children and engage new partners, such as school districts and federally qualified health centers (FQHC's) in these regions
  • Adopted telephonic signatures allowing families to apply for coverage by phone
  • Launch a data warehouse tool to improve ability to make data-driven programmatic decisions
  • Improve communications between FAMIS and Medicaid
  • Participate in development of customer-centric web portal
Alignment with Reform:
  • Engaged in the development and design of a state exchange[2]
  • Developing the Executive Support System (ESS), data warehouse tool, to collect and analyze data from multiple programs 


Click here for a profile of Virginia’s Medicaid and CHIP programs and to learn about the state’s enrollment and renewal simplification strategies.


“Now, more than ever, Virginia's children need access to affordable health insurance. By maximizing enrollment and retention in the FAMIS programs, we are ensuring the future health of the Commonwealth.” – Virginia Governor Timothy Kaine, 2009


[1]The Virginia Department of Social Services (DSS) co-manages the eligibility and renewal functions with DMAS, and 120 locally administered social service agencies

[2]Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. July 5,2011.Analysis of Exchange Legislation Establishment and Governance.